Auction Experience


Auctions are the perfect buying place for all conscious consumers, they are original recyclers. For my business I use them as a wholesaler for recycled products where I can cherry pic the items that I know my customers are looking for and will love.

If you have never been to an auction before it would be a good idea just to visit and view the proceedings beforehand. Different auctioneers have different styles some can be particularly fast and others painstakingly slow and boring whilst others can be quite entertaining.  

Most auctions are now held online as well as in the room. However; there is nothing quite like the buzz of a live auction room. Generally, there is a lot of milling around during the viewing hour before the auction begins. Prospective buyers rush around with their catalogues or pieces of paper marking off lot numbers or frantically writing down as they inspect the goods. Buying a catalogue is useful or at least have a pen and paper to write down lot numbers that interest you.

If possible, attend the viewing day and take your time to examine anything that takes your eye, making sure that the item is intact and not broken,  is complete i.e., nothing is missing. Check that furniture has no live woodworm and be particularly wary of furniture that is placed high up on top of another piece making it difficult to reach; often there is a reason. If you take something out of a box, make sure that you put it back in the correct box. There is nothing worse than bidding and winning on a mixed box only to find out that the particular item you had your eye on in the box has been removed.

 If you are interested in a lot, it would be an idea to do some research to determine what the item is worth as this can significantly impact your maximum bid. Decide on a maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item, stick to it and make sure you take into account beforehand the charges known as buyer’s premium and sales tax which can significantly amount up to 25% on top of the bid price as you don’t want a nasty surprise when you go to pay your bill.

Scan the bidding room for a comfortable chair that will give you a good clear view of the auctioneer, try out a few and keep them in mind for when you’re ready to take your seat.

On the day wear comfortable clothing, preferably layers, so you can remove if need be.  Auction rooms can be extremely cold places particularly in winter with minimal heating in place so make sure you are dressed appropriately. Take food and drink  or check out if there is food and drink available on site. It can be a very long day.

 Register to bid and obtain a paddle number.

Once the auction starts keep alert and don’t get distracted. When the lot you’re interested in comes up make sure you keep your eyes on the auctioneer and catch his attention by raising your paddle number up. Bid confidently; nobody knows it’s your first time except you. Remember to stick to your maximum bid, don’t get carried away and get into a bidding war.

My final tip is enjoy yourself don’t be disheartened if you don’t win a lot there’s always another lot and another auction.






















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